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Real Estate Sale by Warrant.

Today the founder of the Ukrainian real estate agency «Active +» Sergey Forest is responding to numerous questions from our readers.


Nowadays the cases of real estate sale by warrant happen very frequently. Buying a flat or a house by warrant one should in the first place check a warrant itself. Sometimes a warrant can be received by swindle or fraud. Sometimes a Principal can be also in conspire with a vendor of a real estate object. That is why it is better for a buyer to deal with a real estate object owner himself.


If according to circumstances you have no choice but deal with a principal, in the first place you should check a duration of a warrant, warrant abatement, a death of a principal, a disability of a principal.


An agency which keeps a deal should inquire neighbours about an owner and his relationships with a principal. As a result you can clear up the reasons why an owner gave a warrant to another person.


It is especially risky to buy real estate objects by warrant given abroad. In fact, today it is difficult to check an authenticity of a warrant given abroad.


Our readers are interested in buying an inherited real estate object. It is difficult for a buyer to check all the heirs. Only in cases when the certificate for inheritance contains only one heir cheating is close to impossible; but when several heirs are included in the certificate for inheritance it can cause some difficulties. Such cases may occur when a real estate object owner has children left from previous marriages with a deceased person; children, in relations to whom he was deprived of parentage rights; or feeders. If a will was made to someone’s advantage and a testator has an heir feeder, then in this case the feeder has a right to contest a will and gain up to 2/3 of the testated estate by a lawsuit. The above mentioned cases do not cover all the complications that can make a deal invalid. Only real estate agencies can guarantee the rights of a respectable buyer.


That is why I advise to buy real estate objects directly from vendors.


I wish you good luck in buying and selling real estate objects. Apply for consultations to “Aktiv Plus”    



Yours faithfully,


Sergiy Volodimirovich Forest

General director

“Aktiv Plus”

(real estate agency)